Orange River Fly-Fishing and Artlure Angling

The Orange River is a major river in southern Africa, draining into the Atlantic ocean. Along its route it also serves as an international boundary between South Africa and Namibia.

The orange river passes through picturesque landscapes of semi-arid to arid climate and can be seen as somewhat of an oasis in the hot and dry regions through which it traverses. The river boasts crystal clear water with shallow and deep glides along with a mixture of still water as well turbulent rapids.

There are a number of fish species that are more than willing to munch down a fly, artlure or shiny spinner, such as yellow fish, bream and catfish to name a few. However the most sought after fish in these waters would be the aggressive but also an abundant species in this system, the Largemouth Yellow. Known to take dry flies as well sinking smaller flies, this fish will stretch out your arms, line and even take you well into your backing.

Spinning anglers can enjoy tackling this and other species on medium to light tackle and will come to the same conclusion, these fish are powerful.

One can only now but imagine such a place, rich in flora and fauna, and wish to escape to a outdoor wonderland like this, OR you could actually pack your bags and head out there with Samak Tours. Our adventure takes us up to the lands where the river borders South Africa and Namibia in the Vioolsdrift region. We have partnered with a local and professional guide here who will show you step by step how to target the species your are looking for be it on fly or lure. The trip is fully catered and you will be treated to fine cuisine, while fishing unspoilt waters in a wonderland that only dreams are made of.

The package includes tented accommodation fully equipped with stretchers for sleeping. There are clean ablution facilities available and meals will be prepared and served to you. Lunch is served along the river banks so you don’t have to leave the comfort of the clear Orange River. Fishing equipment can be rented at a fee per set up per day, or you can get in touch to find out what to pack if you would rather fish with your own gear. We offer transport however guests can choose to self drive as well. There is nothing for you to do except relax when you opt for a Samak Adventure in FULLY CATERED style.